Schweppes has been a symbol of authenticity since 1783. With its unique character, it is the ideal drink for those who know what they want and know how to get it! It is for those who feel authentic, in search of new experiences and see the positive side of life. 
Scheppes5 Scheppes5


A refreshing Tangerine flavor for a delightful drinking experience by Schweppes.

Scheppes2 Scheppes2


Quench your thirst with the perfect mix of natural peach flavour and malt, making this a delightful drink to freshen up your day.


Scheppes4 Scheppes4


A refreshing Pomegranate flavor for a delightful drinking experience by Schweppes.

Scheppes3 Scheppes3


The flavorful, original taste of malt drink with Schweppes experience that gives you the best quality.

Scheppes1 Scheppes1


A refreshing blend of lemon and mint flavors for a delightful drinking experience by Schweppes.

sb sb


A premium flavored carbonated malt beverage, that provides you with the necessary energy. Schweppes Bold is the ultimate refreshing choice in every possible way.

Gold-Malt Gold-Malt

Gold Light-Malt

The Enjoyable Version of Plain Malt with a less bitter taste, tasty malt flavor, slightly sugary and no pungent smell.

sodaaa sodaaa

Club Soda

A  crisp, refreshing, sparkling soda water, with the experience of Schweppes

twater twater

Tonic Water

Schweppes tonic water provides crisp and refreshing bubbles – relax and enjoy.

ga1 ga1

Ginger Ale

A refreshing Ginger Ale for a delightful drinking experience by Schweppes